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JustDial™ SMS leads integrated with Impel CRM.

Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, announced the integration of JustDial™ leads into its flagship product, Impel CRM.

Impel CRM customers who use the JustDial™ local search service for generating leads can now have those leads directly appear inside Impel CRM. JustDial™ is India’s leading local search engine and caters to over 240 million unique visitors across 240 cities in India. Unlike in the west, consumers in India are more comfortable using a voice-based system for search compared to using the Internet. Now, when a consumer calls JustDial™ enquiring for a specific service, if an Impel customer is signed up with JustDial™ for that service, the enquiry directly lands up in Impel CRM.

Mr. Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO of PK4 Software said “In a booming but competitive consumer market, responding immediately to prospect requests is critical. But sending such leads to someone’s mobile phone was the only thing you could do – till we came along. Impel customers can now not only respond to their prospects instantaneously and effectively, Impel automatically ensures that JustDial™ SMS Leads are never lost with someone’s phone. As one of the first solutions in the world to provide such a service, Impel CRM has always been focused on providing unique features based on country-specific sales culture. This is part of that focus.”

Impel CRM also helps our customers to follow up with prospects/consumers using SMS from inside Impel. The SMS SenderID can be configured to reflect our customer’s business name, further helping identification and branding.

About PK4.

PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader in India. Our flagship product, Impel CRM, helps companies put their customers at the center of their business. Impel CRM helps sales and support executives spend more time with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenues and maximize profits by improving sales productivity, marketing efficiency and customer service. Impel CRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. PK4 offers a free 15 day trial of Impel.

JustDial is the Trade Mark of Just Dial Private Limited. Just Dial Pvt. Ltd and PK4 Software Technologies are un-related companies.

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