ISKCON Higher Taste

ISKCON Higher Taste - A Pure Vegetarian Restaurant with Sattvic Meal

At The Higher Taste, we believe in food as a philosophy and vegetarianism as a way of life. Inspired by ancient India, The Higher Taste combines the wisdom of the Vedas with the flair of a modern and vibrant India. This food of kings is now presented for guests to savor in the comfort of a luxurious and elegant décor. Many of The Higher Taste dishes date as far back as the Chola dynasty, to revive the flavours and aromas of India's antiquity. There is also a spirituality embodied in every element of the food we serve at The Higher Taste.

According to the Vedas, food is categorized into three types: tamasic, rajasic and sattvic. As the Bhagavad-Gita mentions, sattvic food is the purest of the three, creating positive vibrations that promote 'happiness and satisfaction'. Sattvic food offered to the Lord before eating is called prasadam and is believed the perfection of all cooking. Prasadam not only cleanses and revives the self, but also clears the way for spiritual progress.

We uphold this principle at The Higher Taste, and prepare our food according to ancient Vedic customs that pay tribute to the inherent spirituality that exemplifies Indian cooking. The sattvic cuisine of The Higher Taste satisfies the senses, captivates the mind and enriches the soul. Prepared from the freshest ingredients and rich in nutrients, the food is as nutritious as it is delectable.

HK Hills,
Chord Road, Rajajinagar
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