Aromatherapy: Getting Scent-i-mental

For those who are serious about the finer things in life, aromatherapy massages are right up there.

Aromatherapy is an art that goes far beyond taking a whiff of an exotic-looking oil from a delicate glass bottle. Although this form of de-stressing is still catching on in India, Bangalore is an aromatherapy hotspot with its best spas kneading out knots and doing away with tension, the scent-able way.

Know your oils:
Every essential oil is distilled carefully before making its way into a tiny glass bottle covered with a cork, which you can pick up at a store. Every oil has its own gorgeous fragrance and therapeutic ability.

Lavender Relax, calm down and de-stress
This pleasant, soothing fragrance can work wonders on a relentless migraine. A few drops in your bath water or on your pillow can relieve stress and give you a good night's sleep.

Peppermint: Refresh, rejuvenate, energise
There's a reason why peppermint finds its way into mouthwashes. This oil works great when you need to be alert and on your toes. A peppermint oil massage or vapouriser will leave you feeling cool, fresh and rearing to go.

Ylang Ylang: Aphrodisiac
This strong, sweet, heady aroma works wonders when it's used as a massage oil or dribbled into a hot tub. A ylang ylang vapouriser is a great idea to have, as the oil is known to soothe and de-stress.

Chamomile: Cheer up
Whether you mix some with your massage oil or breathe-In its tantalising vapours, chamomile is a sure-shot mood lifter. Highly recommended along with a strong cup of tea and music from The Piano Guys.

Jasmine: The All-rounder
This is probably the most relaxing fragrance of all time. Jasmine oil tends to be more on the expensive side, but then again, all of us deserve to be pampered, once in a while. This is a great anti-depressant and is believed to boost libido. A jasmine oil massage is a classic favourite.

Lemon: Because we can't leave out citrus
Lemon has a refreshingly clean and rangy scent. It is supposed to improve concentration, digestion and boost immunity. Keeping a lemon oil vapouriser at home helps keep energy levels high.

Do it yourself!
The show must go on: No make-shift 'day at the spa' is complete without the usual paraphernalia. We're talking rose petals scattered around, scented candles glowing in the dim light and the heavy scent of lemongrass wafting through the air. Play some light instrumental music and you have yourself an ambience to soak inl.

Breathe easy: An aromatherapy diffuser with a bunch of your favourite essential oils is a great investment.

Car Spa: Leave a cotton ball with a few drops of peppermint oil in your car and feel the soothing effect while you drive through the insane traffic.

Sunday Spesh: Add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to your usual Sunday massage oil. The combination of touch and smell will drive the week's stress away in a jiffy!

Sweet dreams: Add a few drops of jasmine or lavender oil to distilled water and spray the fragrance onto your pillow every night for an undisturbed siesta.

Play Safe

Safety tips you need to keep In mind while using essential oils:

  • Never ever use an essential oil without diluting it with a base oil or water. These one usually highly concentrated and could bum your skin if not used correctly.
  • Keep all products away from your eyes or rash-prone areas.
  • Read the instructions on the bottle of the oil you purchase.

Buying Your Arsenal
Here are some stores where you can pick up oils, scented josh sticks and the rest of your aromatic gear.

Cose Belle for diffusers. Josh sticks and every essential oil and base imaginable, all 100% natural.
19 Shringar Shopping Centre. Near Barton Centre,
MG Road; T; 25321279/30525556

Farm Essentials for Its range of aromatherapy oils. 97/2, 2nd Floor, Camelot, Lewis Road, Cooke Town;
T: 9900722915

Candles, diffusers and incense sticks, also available at Home Centre by Lifestyle and Home Stop by Shopper’s shop.

Pamper Yourself

22/1, Fist Floor, Above Bombay Dyeing Showroom,
5th Cross, 5th Block.
KalyanMantap Rood;

575, 9th Main, CMH Road-100 Feet Road
Junction. Defence Colony; T: 42171114

No.8, 8th Main Road, Hope Farm,
Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield;
T: 28454305

209, Premvatsay arcade,
Green Glen Layout, Outer
Ring Road, Sarjapur Road,
Above SBI Bank;
T: M495B34/9 739278586

19. Lavelle Road;
T: 4132B320

489. Amarjyothi Layout,
West Wing, 8th Main, Inner
Ring Road. Karamangla;

139, Infantry Road, Sterling Heights Basement:
T: 41513090