BCIL’s ‘ZED Earth’ Rated Best in SVAGRIHA Green Rating System

The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources has chosen BCIL’s ZED Earth project in Bangalore as the best green project in the country. ZED Earth, one of the largest sustainable villa projects in the world, scored a staggering and unprecedented 48 points on a scale of 50 under the new SVAGRIHA Green Rating. This Rating System is administered by the prestigious The Energy Resource Institute [TERI], New Delhi, headed by the Nobel Laureate, Dr R K Pachauri in association with ADaRSH (Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats), to maximize the conservation and utilization of resources (land, water, natural habitat, avi fauna, and energy conservation) and enhance efficiency of the systems and operations.

Set on a land sprawl of 25 acres, Zed Earth is BCIL’s most ambitious green residential project. Zero Energy Houses at ZED Earth are built to be naturally cool, with a combination of elements that are woven into the campus at large. Located in North Bangalore Zed Earth homes hug the landscape, and offer sober and earthy tones that blend with the green around.

Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan, Executive Chairman, BCIL said, "Zed Earth was adjudged the best green project, achieving a 5 star rating after three months of rigorous inspection and evaluation of various benchmarks and performance parameters by TERI’s rating professionals. We are proud of our achievement that has raised the bar for the industry, setting a standard which will be inspiring for other builders to accomplish.''

Zed homes are exquisitely designed, vaastu-compliant, with high ceilings, interesting gable roofs, terraces and backyards, split levels that accentuate spaces, and private nooks, designed for personal comfort. These zero energy design (ZED) homes offer the best of comfort and convenience, including energy-efficient air-conditioning and independence from the grid for power and water. The Zed Earth campus has zero dependence on the water supply board, no lines connecting to the Sewerage Board and relies only 20% on the power grid. Zed Earth homes offer eco villas, villaments and retirement homes with spaces ranging from 2000 to 6000 sqft.

SVAGRIHA (Small Versatile Affordable GRIHA) was jointly developed by ADaRSH and TERI. SVAGRIHA is a significantly simplified, faster, easier and more affordable rating system and will eventually function as a design-cum-rating tool. SVAGRIHA can help in design and evaluation of individual residences, small offices and commercial buildings. The rating comprises of only 14 criteria and the interface comprises of simplified calculators. These calculators can be filled using information from construction drawings like areas and quantities of materials. Once completed, the tool will tell the consultant the number of points that they are able to achieve in that particular criterion and provide recommendations for any improvements in order to improve the environmental performance of the building.

About BCIL

Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) is an alternate technology enterprise dedicated to creative ‘green’ solutions for urban living. BCIL delivers ecologically sustainable living solution and is a pioneer in sustainable building technologies and building management systems in India. From a modest beginning in 1994, today, BCIL has grown to become the country’s largest green residential developer.

Zed Homes the flagship enterprise from BCIL, delivers spectacular bouquet of ecologically sustainable, zero energy living solution ranging from living apartments to breadth taking villas and personal plots. All property developed by BCIL have Zero dependence on Municipal Water Supply, Waste management takes place on site, Zed Homes only rely on 20% of their power needs from state power grid.