BMTC volvo buses needs to be reduced towards Marathahalli -- ITPL and subsequently increase either Marco Polo and other fare bus

There is a huge concern towards increasing number of Volvo buses towards Marathahalli - ITPL area and considerable reduction of Marco Polo and other BMTC low fare buses. The cost for these Volvo buses are too high to be affordable for all people. Adding to the burden there is considerable reduction in number of low fare buses plying towards Marathahalli area which makes people wait for more time or forcibly take Volvo bus.

Following problems are faced by commuters in Marathahalli area:

  • Low frequency and very less number of low fare BMTC buses
  • Cleanliness in BMTC buses is very bad. It is not at all maintained.[which is not the case in areas like Jayanagar where low fare buses are huge in number also plus it is maintained clean]
  • Reduction in number of Marco Polo buses
  • The above lead to people waiting for more time for buses and hence leading into over crowded buses or force them to take Volvo buses
  • Not all people can afford Volvo buses.[Like the way BMTC officials think]

Following immediate action needs to be taken up by concerned BMTC official so that BMTC is people friendly and cost effective to people of classes of the soceity not only aiming people from high class soceity:

  1. Increase the number of low fare BMTC buses to help poor and middle class people
  2. Maintain cleanliness of low fare BMTC buses the way they clean Volvo buses [ to lure wealthy customers]
  3. Increase number of Marco Polo buses and reduce Volvo buses in 50 : 50 [ Volvo : Marco Polo ] ratio so it is helpfull to all the people [rich and the middle class]