East Asian Foods in Bangalore

Among the very first cuisines that enjoyed high profile status was Vietnamese when the Taj West End converted its much loved Paradise Island to Blue Ginger to showcase this Southeast Asian cuisine. Especially popular are such dishes as crab cakes, pork and fish. Years later come Phobidden Fruit which is known to dish up the most delicious pho or staple Vietnamese noodle dishes.

More widespread but still a bit of an acquired Taste is Japanese cuisine. At the luxurious Edo inside Royal Gardenia where the inferiors and atmosphere set a nice background to the food, fresh ingredients are the hero. Not just sushi but Edo also showcases robatayaki. On a much smaller scale, Harima has been enticing customers with its simple dishes and yet not compromising on the elegant and fresh Japanese flavours. On the other hand, both Shiro and Oko, serving pan Asian cuisines have made a mark for the elaborate list of Japanese dishes on their menu, especially sobo noodles at the former. Shiro's spectacular interiors or its al fresco dining space and Oko's beautiful night views of the city make for a great background.

Still staying in the Asian region, for some strange reason, Bangalore has become a haven for Korean cuisine outlets. Lesser known of the Asian cuisines, Korean cuisine is known for its kimchi (pickled cabbage), beef barbecues and noodle dishes. Whether it is the older Hae Kum Gang and Soo Ra.

Sang or the relatively newer Arirang and Thran, the crowded fables indicate that the cuisine has struck a chord with the Bangalorean palate.

Find out your favorite dishes at following East Asian restaurants:

  • Blue Ginger; Taj West End. 66605660
  • Phobidden Fruit: Indiranagar, 41255175
  • Edo: ITC Gardenia, 22119898
  • Harima: Residency Road, 65688222
  • Shiro: UB City, 41738861
  • Oko: The LaLiT Ashok. 9342577748
  • Hae Kum Gang: Ashoknagar, 41127730
  • Soo Ra Sang: Indiranagar. 9880149611