Ideas On Team Outings And Team Building

Team Outings And Team Building

Ideas On Team Outings And Team Building

Great team outings have always been one of the best ways of thanking employees for all their hard work, isn’t it? What makes such outdoor trip better is the great bonding they being along in corporate teams. And the supercharged team building games make such atmosphere that colleagues and superiors cannot be easier.

So what could be the important things to have a successful company outing, a great getaway from office walls and ensure a positive outcome.

3 Ideas For Great Team Outings

1. Remember it’s a Team Outing, not a business meeting.
Excitement, enthusiasm and fun are the most important ingredients of a successful team expedition. So it’s very important that the overall composition of team be taken into consideration. Like age, abilities, interests and composition of the group.
2. Plan for Team Outings like you plan for vacations.
Planning your next team outing in advance and keeping the group in loop about developments can make a huge impact. Keeping the overall planning a lighthearted process with the objective of making the event most enjoyable for all employees should be high up in the agenda.
3. Explore Multiple Themes
From treasure hunts to adventure sporting events, team outings can take any form as per the team composition.
A. Competitive Themes
Would you like your team outing to bring out the competitive edge in your employees?
You can consider interactive games that involve team strategics and multitasking to encourage teamwork. Some competitive team building games are treasure hunts, raft building, paintballing and more…
B. Friendly Themes
Is your team coming from diverse work environments or locations?
You might want to build a friendly atmosphere between people coming from different branches and locations. Various team building games are done at the resort like:
Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Raft Building, Worm, Magic carpet, Line it up, Caterpillar, Australian Walk, A-Frame, Wot-A-Transfer, Team Handball, Raising Your Limits, Crossing Over, Balloon Burst, Name’s are Us.
Team outings are huge morale boosters. And a well planned event will only make your employees remember it for a long time to come.
To make the best out of such team outings, at many office, the corporate HR also hang pictures from such events. A great way to capitalize on the team building effort from good times.
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