KSRTC A/c Lounge Inauguration- Bus services/reservation

Mr. R.Ashoka, Hon’ble Minister for Home & Transport, has inaugurated the following services at KSRTC Satellite Bus Station, Mysore Road, Bangalore for the benefits of the travelling public.

•The city service buses similar to the one which are in operation in Tumkur & Hassan cities and well patronized by the public.
•The initiative is first of its kind in Road Transport Organization in the Country.
•These buses are built with unique design and branding with ‘Samparka Sarige’, with two wider doors for easy entry & exit, LED boards and next stop announcement system etc.,
•A/c lounge for Airavat passengers:
KSRTC has built executive lounge for Airavat passengers, to provide value added services and more comfort to the travelling public of the Airavat services.
Comfortable seating facilities, drinking water, news paper, television and other amenities are provided in the lounge.
This type A/c lounge is similar to the one in Shanthinagar Bus station, Bangalore.

•Shuttle Bus Services: (Bus Stand to Bus Stand Shuttle Services)
To improve the connectivity between Mysore road satellite bus Terminal and Kempe Gowda Bus Station, new city buses are introduced.
•Shuttle bus services between Satellite Bus Station and Kempegowda Bus Station (Bus Stand to Bus Stand shuttle service)
•A/c lounge for Airavat passengers
•Airavat & Rajahamsa bus services from Satellite Bus Station towards Mysore
•Shifting and operating of Airavat & Rajahamsa services from Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station, Bangalore:
•The Kempegowda bus station area has become congested, due to the metro work,.
•To provide easy accessibility and seamless operation, the services operating towards Mysore are shifted to the Satellite Bus station from the Kempe Gowda bus Station.
•The passengers boarding from Satellite Bus Station have the benefit of reduction of Rs. 10/- in Airavat services and reduction if 1 stage fare in Rajahamsa services.

Corporation has planned to construct the satellite bus stations at all the four directions of the Bangalore city to ease the traffic congestion and provide more transport services to the periphery of the city. The Peenya Satellite Bus Station (Rs 32 cr) started and will be completed next year.