Taste the food from other states in Bangalore

Bangalore is fairly replete with restaurant that serve cuisines from the South Indian states, but where the North is concerned, it usually runs to the ubiquitous North Indian dishes. Nevertheless, efforts have been made to differentiate some cuisines at least, like Rajdhani which serves up a mix of vegetarian Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes. However, it is the more unique cuisines such as Bihari that is served at Chilli Pepper and Litti Chokha or Litti on Wheels which is fascinating. Apart from the staple litti chokha, there's dal baati, biryanis and Bihar style curries that are delicious. From the North-east part of the country comes Naga Kitchen and Zingron with the staple rice, greens and flery and spicy pork and chicken dishes. There's also a plethora of Bengali restaurants but Bhojahari Manna dishes it up like it actually is, devoid of any frills and flounces, which makes it well worth the effort.

It is obvious that the Bangalorean palate is adventurous and willing to experiment more than ever. New cuisines and crowded tables indicate there's not just a growing sense of exploration but also sense of loyalty, which argues well for the food landscape of the city.

Places to taste:

Chilli Pepper and Litti Chokha: Koramangala. 41104411
Litti on Wheels: Kundanahalli, Whitefield. 9980974187
Naga Kitchen: Kammanahalli Main Road, 41732012
Zingron: Solitaire. Koramangala, 40997506
Bhojohori Manna: Koramangala, 25503666