Wedding Cakes in The City

Wedding Cakes in The City

A plethora of cake and bake shows on television - Ultimate Cake Off, Cake Walk, Cake Boss, Ace of cakes - Inevitably veer towards that dream confection - wedding cakes. This is further enhanced by Hollywood's mush movies, most of which have one thing in common, which is the wedding cake. Usually many tiered, frosted, white and decorated with swirls and edible pearls, it is a sight to behold.

Till the other day, a wedding cake was more or less a Christian phenomenon, but in recent times, communities across religious divides have adopted it for the sheer pleasure of tucking into a delicious cake. Most star hotels have pastry chefs and pastry divisions which are adept at turning out the beautiful and dreamy concoctions like Caramel at Taj Vivanta Whitefield.

Even such standalone restaurants such as Cafe Noir, with its strong French pedigree, can rustle up a fabulous creation to mark the important day. Ail the major bakery chains and confectionary outlets have a reputed line of cakes as well such as Sweet Chariot, Daily Bread, The French Loaf, Just Bake etc.

Besides, wedding cakes have also made a transition and frequently sidestep the boring round or square shapes to take on a variety of shapes and themes, even quirky, funny and naughty notions.

Take Patisserie Nitash which specializes in themed cakes-for all kinds of occasions. The outlet has done such eclectic shaped cakes as cameras, handbags, a rock music themed cake, waterworld... the cake being limited by the imagination of the customer actually.

Another outfit that does stylized cakes, and actively prefers not to do the usual square shape, is Dottedi which has such ones as triple oreo, FerroroRocher movie reel, in its repertoire.

More and mare bakers, especially the niche ones who operate out of small establishments or their homes agree. Among those who do interesting themed cakes including wedding cakes are Archana Doshi of The Rising Dough, who does whimsical cupcakes too with cocktails.

Thripti Ahuja and ShishamHinduja of Happy Betty Bakes, Nina Subramani and SamruddhiBhat of Whisk and Whip, who say they constantly get diverse that it motivates them to think out of the box.

Suffice to say, the next time you are on the cusp of celebrating an occasion, any occasion for that matter, just think of how it can be made quirkier, fun and interesting. There are a whole lot of bakers and confectioners waiting to rustle up to your imagination.

Prices differ hugely depending on theme, Ingredients and size, though Rs 450 a kilo is the
average starting point.

Some wedding cake suppliers in the city:

Cafe Noir: UB City, VittalMallya Road, Phone: 40982050.

Caramel: Vivanta by Taj Whitefield, ITPL. Phone: 66933333.

Chef Baker's: 98/98, 2nd Main, 3rdCorss, SR Layout, Doddanekundi. Phone: 32402347. Web:

Dottedi: 98, Chez Leila Apartments, Mayon Villa Road, Longford Town. Phone: 9945099011 / 41528753 . Web:

Happy Belly Bakes: 15/1,Clark Road, Richard Town. Phone: 99450 01555/98450 11638.

Patisserie Nitash: Phone: 9845427364, Web:

Sprinkles and Swirls: 27, 8th Main, 5th Cross, Jakkasandra Block, Koramangala. Phone: 25526233, 9844160265.

Sugar Rush - Eat, Cake, Love: Indiranagar. Phone: 9900105659. Web:

The Rising Dough: Akme Ballet, outer Ring Road, Doddenakundi. Phone: 97408 60446,

Whisk and Whip: 181, 2nd B Cross, Domlur ll Stage. Phone: 9945241260/9448745153. Web:

Lavonne: 151, 2nd cross, Domlur 2nd stage. Bangalore - 56007. Phone: 9740544442. Web: