Flower Market

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Brilliant hues of crimson, rani pink, zesty orange and pure white unfurl against the sleepy morning sky as men and women rush about to lay out their wares. As the twinkling morning sun begins to make its presence, this colourful haven of flowers starts buzzing with activity, Sitting pretty in the KR market is Bangalore's famous flower market. Said to be one of the biggest of its kind in Asia, this bazaar transacts with more than 20 tonnes of flowers daily.

The KR market (also known as city market) was named after the king Krishnarajendra Wodeyar and is one of Bangalore's oldest markets. As early as 5 am, vendors in this market begin their daily activities. Roses, gerberas, marigolds, jasmines, orchids and tulips, there is no flower you will not find in this market. Frequented by both wholesalers and retailers, the mart forms the backbone of the flower universe of the city.

Flower Market
city market

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