Dhanvantari Wellness Centre

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Dhanvantari Wellness Centre

Dhanvantari Wellness center and pharmacy is a trusted name in Ayurvedic medication & consultation since 1982. We provide authentic and pure Ayurveda medication perfected by 'Late Vidwan B.V. Pandit's Sadvidyasala'.

Please Feel Free to contact us about any minor or long prevailing ailments you might be facing. Our Doctors will discuss/diagnose them in detail & provide necessary consultation to cure your ailment .

* The information provided on this page is meant to provide information about self help medication, home made medication, general health tips and Ayurveda medication - please consult your doctor before starting a course of any medications mentioned.

Dhanvantari Wellness Centre
kalyan nagar, HRBR Layout
5th cross 2nd block 4th main
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