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KRITINAE GNANA SANGAMA means - Confluence of Creative Intelligence. In the present age any business, whatever it maybe, whether it is retail or supply of manufacturing you need knowledge, both technical and commercial. Creative and strategic marketing and these must emerge as a unit of thought flow one without the other will cause havoc and need financial management - the art of financial cross the ever emerging competition from across the spectrum of entrepreneurs who do not lack education at the famed institutions.

KGS bring into these people a Penetrative System to face any eventuality and cross these Hurdles using the core energy with you. UR EQ will be put through a thorough Drill with IQ being the base. Enhance SQ to enlarge the scope of own inner power of Innovation and Sustenance.

Want to be a great CEO or MD? Attend the One Day session for better IQ, EQ and SQ demonstration, Visualization, Chants to Success. We mentor Creativity.

We have one month training for those who are running business for 2/5 years and THERE months for those who want to enlarge their scope of business into big ones and who can spare time from 1/3 years of business experience. For those who need much more benefit either to start off or even having a new business SIX months to One Year, we support from drawing the project proposal to setting up the unit with financial analysis of the operations. We almost hand hold you until you succeed and learn to be leaders in your own field.

Several periods of Training has been Programmed based on the requirement of the person involved from Start Ups to Suffering Business from ONE Month to ONE YEAR. To understand these as well as the Training Methods -

BBMs, MBAs Business Start Ups as well as Business Managers/Managing Director having various in house issues from production to marketing management could gain something and decide to go further to make themselves successful.

Just like the Glow of Lamp must give warmth and brightness to everyone around you, irrespective of circumstances and situation.

To make a person bring out the best in terms of humaneness so that the person become an endearing specimen for others to learn and follow. To teach how to turn failures into happiness and succeed in the same. To experience strife, loss and pain as pleasurable learning for betterment of one own self.

Golden Square,53/A, 16th C Main, 4th Block Koramangala
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+9180 4261 3000, 9886380972 / 9731510972
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