Srikalaa - The Handicrafts Boutique

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Srikalaa - The Handicrafts Boutique

A 'handicraft’ hot-spot, a recent addition to our neighborhood is Srikalaa. a visual treat of handloom and handicrafts from across the country located inside the Sena Vihar Complex (Kammanahalli Main Road).


A variety of saris & dress materials from Sambalpur and Sonpur of Orissa, Lucknow's chicknia, Puchampalli of Andhra Pradesh made both in cotton and silk is one of the main highlights.

Especially....the weavers' of these saris have delved into different beautiful tie and die textiles (an intricate process of dyeing and yarn in segments, to produce the designed pattern on the loom white weaving known as "Ikkat") from Orissa. Also, tussar silk are produced from the finest quality yarn whose brilliance, glaze and texture is testified to by their popularity is also on display.

Apart from these...handloom saris, Dress Materials and Kurtis, Applique Saris are also available. ODISSI dance dresses are also made on order. Stitching of Cushion covers, Gloves, Apron etc., and Tailoring is also undertaken.


APPLIQUE WORK: The Applique work of Pipli represents a modern trend with all pristine brilliance and artistry. The artisans stitch traditional and modern motifs such as elephants, peacock and flowers on cloth back ground, to form harmonious colorful designs with embroidery work. The following items stitches by the artisans of Pipli: Garden Umbrella (with aluminum frame 6' dia height 8') / Ladies Umbrella / Wall hangings / Sun flower / Cushion covers / Lamp shades / Gate Jhaller (Kanchana) / Ladies bags / Letter containers /Applique bed covers /Applique saris etc,

Stone Carving: From Soap-Stone and sand stone carvers of puri and bhubaneswar Capture smaller replicas of Lingaraja and konark temple walls with superb finesse. The following stone status is available at Srikalaa –

Debadasi / Lord Krishna, Ganesh, Hunuman / Siridi Saibaba, Budhadev all of sand stone and Ganesh & Krishna / Konark wheel of Niligir stone etc.,

PATTA PAINTING and PALLEAF ENGRAVING: Patta Chitra is a living art practiced by skilled, traditional artisans Inspiration for these lively expressions and illustrations are based on the mythological themes from Mahabharat, Ramayana etc., the artist paints on Tussar silk and palm leaf with earth and stone colors giving meaningful expressions to their artistic skill and imagination!

WOOD CARVING and PAINTING: The wood carvers make a variety of decorative and utilitarian objects -toys, depicting birds and animals, boxes and bowls, images of Gods and Goddesses.

GRASS GOLDEN:Typical of Orissa is a rich yellow variety of Grass (Kaincha) generally grown in swampy areas and aptly called Golden Grass. The durability and flexibility of the grass products are available at Srikalaa. The product range includes dainty baskets, boxes, table mats, coasters and hats etc.,

OTHERS: Small drawings, book marks and colorful greeting cards are also available.

Srikalaa - The Handicrafts Boutique
Srikalaa Shop No. 3, Sena Vihar, Kammanahalli Main Road
Contact Info
+91 3297 2703, 89043 91140

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