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OLB classics - Interview with Upendra

INTERVEIW WITH KANNADA SUPERSTAR UPENDRA who has wooed audience of all classes and redefined the concept of Super Star. This young hi-flying actor is down to earth and humble. He has many more dreams to be accomplished in the days to come. He has created a niche for himself not only in Kannada industry but also in Tollywood

Were you tensed when your first movie was released?
I was very much tensed before the release and also after the release till it got back the money that was spent on it.

All your movies have been controversial, is it intentional?
It is very foolish to think that by creating a controversy we get free publicity. The controversy created around my movies is baseless. For ex. 'OM'-my intention of getting the original rowdies to act in the movie was to give it a realistic approach, in the process it became talk of the town. I can't help such allegations.

What about 'Upendra', women's lib was completely against it?
It is very unfortunate that my message has not reached them. The language used may be bad in the movie, but it is reality. More than 50% of the people use what is in the movie they are only refusing to accept. Anyway my point was to say that it is bad and women should also be given their due position in the society.


You have taken such a philosophical theme 'Nanu (self)', how did it occur to you?

This Nanu is the question that used to haunt me always. The desire of man to get name, fame and wealth. Suddenly it occurred to me that it could be a good theme for my movie. Later it was really a tough time for me to handle the theme. But I am happy I could do it well if not perfectly and people took it in the right sense (except those who went on to protest).

After topping the chart with Upendra, which is your next film?

My next film is titled 'Hollywood' in which I am playing a double role. My student is directing it.

Why are you not directing this time?

I want an alternative line of talented directors to come up. I will always be there with my suggestions.

Which movie has given you the satisfaction?

No movie has satisfied me completely. Always after watching I have felt it could have been better.

Which is your favourite movie?
Mother India directed by Mahaboob Khan is my all time favorite. Till now I have not been able to watch it completely. I get so emotional. The scenes are shot so intensely.

There is supposed to be some misunderstanding between you and 'Upendra' Producer, is it true?
When I signed for 'Preetse', he was slightly upset and misunderstood me. These kinds of constraints disturb me. I am basically very simple and frank and do not like these obligations.

You have come from utter poverty, why do the riches not attract you now?

Luxurious life does not attract me. The kind of poverty that I have seen makes me feel this way. One day my mother mixed poison in food and suddenly something stopped us from killing ourselves. That is why I am here today. One of the incidents that drove me to choose the theme of 'Upendra' was my own background.

Now that you have got many offers from Telugu, do you plan to shift your attention?

No, always my interest is to develop Kannada field and make Tamil and Telugu industry look at us not the other way. Of-course I am acting in Telugu as I was free when I signed. I am acting in 2 films simultaneously. I want to learn the business tactics there and implement them here to develop our industry.

- Interview by Vani Nagendrappa

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