Miamo Spa and Beauty

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Miamo Spa

In the bustle of Central Business District is an oasis of peace and tranquility - MIAMO Spa - dedicated to offering world-class spa treatments based on the art of natural therapy. They urge you to close your eyes and commit yourself to the hands of their therapists and their therapeutic healing.

Feel the nimble fingers of the master masseurs trained at the Siam School in massage techniques, anatomy and aroma therapy. The Thai Hot Compress treatment is highly recommended. This is a singular experience, an ancient massage technique that heals persistent pains and eases muscle strain through deep stretching and rhythmic compression.

Or one could try the Signature Massage - a deep tissue oil massage using palm strokes and thumb pressure to relieve and heal muscular pains, reduce tension and relax the body.

Have yourself a little bridal indulgence with their three hour and twenty minute session performed by two therapists, so that you can walk to a new beginning radiant and relaxed. The bridal package includes a moisturizing and renewing facial, a rejuvenating body scrub, treatment for your hands and feet and threading. Or you could surprise your partner with a couple massage for a romantic evening together. The special entry on their menu is the Cellulite And Stretch Marks Treatment, a 90 minute invigorating therapy. Starting with the application of Paraben, Phithlate-free Resilient Body Oil which helps in natural hydration and heals the dermis layer of skin where stretch marks originate. This natural formula tightens and restructures damaged, stressed skin tissue making your skin smoother. Followed by deep circular application of Citrus Sugar Body Polish to remove the dullness of the top skin layer and renews cells in the lower layers where stretch marks occur. After a shower, nutrient-rich Illipe body butter is applied on the affected areas to improve elasticity and skin tone by strengthening from the inside out.

Awaken your senses at their unique and tranquil space located at Zela Health Club, Residency Road.

Miamo Spa and Beauty
133/1 The Residency, Ground Floor, Zela Gym Residency Road
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