Minerals Help Our Body Stay Healthy and Active

mineral.jpg The human body is a finely-tuned machine, and there are certain things our bodies absolutely need to keep going. Among those things are minerals, like calcium, iron and magnesium.

Minerals are vital to our overall mental and physical well being because they act as triggers, starting biological reactions within our bodies. For example, our bodies can't even metabolize vitamins without the aid of minerals.

Minerals make up most of the materials of the solid earth. They also provide integral building blocks for our existence and good health.

Eat foods that grow in soil full of minerals. For example, broccoli is a good source of calcium, which, among other things, builds and maintains bones and teeth and grows in mineral rich soil. But we also get a good deal of calcium from milk, which comes from the cow that ate the green grass, that grew from the ground.

Iron is important for good health because it builds up the quality of our blood and increases resistance to stress and disease. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of iron, as are nuts and whole grain cereals.

Magnesium helps convert blood sugar to energy, and plays an important role in maintaining normal heart rhythms. Whole grains and seafood are good, and tasty sources of magnesium.

And several other minerals are also important for our health, including manganese, which helps with digestion; chromium, which works with insulin in the metabolism of sugar; phosphorous, found in red meat, is important for kidney function; potassium, found in bananas, promotes healthy skin; iodine aids in the development and functioning of the thyroid gland; zinc is important for the healing of wounds; and then there's copper. Copper aids in the formation of our red blood cells.

After all that, if one is still not getting enough minerals in your diet, a supplement can be used. Iron and zinc are among those sold by the bottle.

Doctors also stress that mineral deficiencies can cause some problems. An iron deficiency, for example, can cause weakness and anemia. So to make sure you're getting all your minerals, eat lots of fruit and vegetables. And if you're doing that fast food thing, an iron supplement can help.