Exercise At Work

Exercise At Work

Office work can be very stressful to city dwellers who have no time for outdoor exercise. Prevent burn out and injury.
Here are exercises you can do five times each while standing or sitting at your desk.

Lower Backache & Pressure

Inhale and slowly bring your head toward your knees. Let your hands drop to your ankles. Hold for 5 seconds. Inhale and slowly unwind, return your head to its normal upright position. Exhale and stretch your arms toward the ceiling. Upper Back and Shoulder Tension

Lift your hands to your shoulders while keeping your elbows down and pushing your shoulders back. Hold for 15 seconds Wrist Tension and Stiffness

Put your palms together, chest high (as if in prayer). Slowly push your palms together while lifting your elbows slightly and hold for five seconds Rotate your hands, fingertips pointing to the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Neck and Shoulder Tension

Inhale. Slowly turn your head to the right. Feel the strain in your neck muscles. Hold for five seconds. Exhale and return your head to normal position. Repeat the same on your left side.