How to Talk with your Doctor

  • Be honest with your physician and dont get embarrased telling the doctor about your health situation. Remember that your situation is not unique to the doctor, so there is no chance she would make any type of personality judgment calls.
  • Express your medical concerns fully and directly. That is what your physician is there for. The more information that you give your physician the less he will have to deduct by listening to the medical symptoms.
  • Breathe easy. Remember: It is YOUR healthcare you and the doctor are concerned about. Everything else is secondary to the important medical issues at hand.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Health is a very personal matter. It is often helpful to write down your medical or emotional symptoms and complaints as it is often easy to forget some while talking with your health care professional.
  • The better informed you are, the better patient you will be. It has been traditional to view the physician as superhuman and incapable of making mistakes. Those days are on their way out and most doctors are well aware of it. Health care is now more often viewed as a colaborative effort. A quality physician realizes that often a patient or client intuites accurately what is wrong with their health. A truly effective physician listens.
  • Respect the doctor and expect respect in return. You are both equal. The only difference is that the he or she has more specialized learning in their particular area.
  • Often, the symptoms and discomfort lessen or temporarily go away when you go to talk with your physician. Do not let that dissuade you. It is common and does not mean your complaints are now invalid. It is important information and clues that you are providing to your doctor. Give them all the help you can.