Ways to Ease the Stress

Ways to Ease the Stress
  • Talk with someone about your feelings-anger, sorrow, and other emotions-even though it may be difficult.
  • Don't hold yourself responsible for any disastrous event or be frustrated because you feel that you cannot help directly.
  • Take steps to promote your own physical and emotional healing by staying active in your daily life patterns or by adjusting them. This healthy outlook will help yourself and your family. (i.e. healthy eating, rest, exercise, relaxation, meditation.)
  • Maintain a normal household and daily routine, limiting demanding responsibilities of yourself and your family.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Participate in memorials, rituals, and use of symbols as a way to express feelings.
  • Use existing supports groups of family, friends, and church.
  • Establish a family emergency plan. Feeling that there is something that you can do can be very comforting.