First Aid Equipment

A home First Aid Kit must contain the following items:

  • Sterile triangular bandages
  • Crepe or elasticated bandages
  • Cotton wool
  • Paper handkerchiefs
  • Perforated film absorbent dressing (2 of each size)
  • Strong plastic or metal box
  • Calamine lotion or cream
  • Adhesive dressing grip
  • Plan bandages
  • Finger-size tabular gauze with applicator
  • Paracetamol or soluble aspirin
  • Scissors, 5 inch, blunt pointed
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers (Fine - pointed)
  • White gauze (Sterile and Absorbent)

The home First Aid Kit should be stored in a strong, clearly marked box with a well fitting lid. The kit must be kept handy, but completely out of a child's reach. The contents must be refreshed regularly - dressing packs must be replaced once opened.