Headaches don't get better when there is too much reliance on quick fixes. Taking an over the counter analgesic for the occasional headache is usually very effective. However, using quick fix medication more than once per week for headache relief can lead to chronic, recurrent headaches.

The biggest problem with quick fixes is that they create a phenomenon called rebound. Rebound means that you have a headache, you take a quick fix - an acute headache remedy and you get relief temporarily. But if that pain reliever is used too often, the headache problem bounces back a little bit stronger than when it started. The migraine problem is magnified by that exposure to that quick fix. This is rebound.

Headache sufferers usually find it hard to accept rebound as the cause of their headache syndrome. It's not perceptible on a headache-to-headache basis. It's something that accumulates gradually over time, so months or years down the road, your headache problem is worse. The frequency of consumption of the quick fix has escalated; it's the only thing that gives temporary relief. However, the end result is a more difficult headache syndrome to treat.