Vomiting can be an exhausting and unpleasant experience, caused by a number of conditions. The term 'vomiting' refers to the forceful ejection of contents of stomach through the mouth. Popularly known as 'being sick' or throwing up', vomiting is a reflex action caused by stimulation of vomiting center in the brain stem.

Causes of Vomiting
1. Stomach irritation: Irritation of the lining of stomach is the commonest cause of vomiting. A multitude of reasons may cause this:

  • Gastritis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Peritonitis
  • Appendicitis
  • Ulcers (Gastric and Duodenal)
  • Tonsillitis (especially in young children)
  • Excessive drinking
  • Excessive intake of contaminated food

2. Motion sickness

3. Head injury

4. Certain diseases like meningitis, fever, whopping cough, jaundice etc

5. Pregnancy (Morning sickness)

6. Delibrate vomiting (by putting finger in the mouth)

First Aid:

  • Avoid solid foods as they will make you more sick and induce further vomiting.
  • Take plenty of bland fluids - water, diluted milk or squashes but no aerated or alcoholic drinks.
  • Suck ice cubes if you find it impossible to keep fluids down.
  • A teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda diluted in a teacup of water or milk can also be helpful.
  • As the patient feels better, he can shift to semi solid diets like soups, custards, daliya etc.
  • Work back to normal diet over three to four days.