Healing for the pregnant woman

Healing for the pregnant woman

Get plenty of iron, calcium, and protein because the fetus will draw on the mother’s reserves, if necessary "even to the point of depletion" it is very important to follow a diet rich in these nutrients before conception as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Do not diet, unless instructed to by your doctor. A woman’s normal weight gain should be at least 25-35 pounds for the pregnancy to be healthy.

Exercise. You want to be in top physical condition to carry and deliver a baby. In addition to your normal fitness routine, consider exercises that strengthen the muscles that strengthen the abdomen and pelvic floor.

Emotional and psychological care through lowering stress from all angles of your life. If there is tension between the couple then it can surface during the labor and cause problems during the delivery. It has been found that women who have the best communication with their partners tend to have shorter labor.

Get enough rest. This dose not mean you have to stop working, but you must provide some time during each day and evening where you and your baby can mellow out, doze, pray/meditate, read, or do nothing.

Stay in touch with your health care provider. Even if your pregnancy is moving along without any problem, it is vital that you see him/her in your eight month, then weekly till the baby is born.