Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio

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Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio

Every truly patriotic Indian is expected to bring at least five decent Bollywood moves to the dance floor. And with new Item numbers releasing every week, Bollywood classes promise to pep up what might have otherwise been a dull exercise routine. It going the hardcore, classical route isn't your thing then why not try a Bollywood dance lesson that blends western rap. The Lourd Vijay Dance Studio caters to the calorie conscious, and is the place to get your Jhatkas right! Besides the run of the mill Bollywood class, the LVDS also conducts Bolly-Hop classes: a cocktail of all Things filmy, fun and desi.

A heartfelt plea to all the macho machas in Bengaluru: every girl an the dance floor appreciates a man who can move it the Hrithik Roshan way so please do all us women a favour and brush up on your Bollywood moves, instead of head banging your way through parties!

Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio
# 4,1st Main Palace Cross. Chakravarthy Layout
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