All Cure Physiotherapy

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Kalamayi Wellness Center-Physiotherapy

We provide complete & permanent relief only thru Physiotherapy for the following problems:

* Neck pain / Shoulder pain / Back pain / Knee pain / Foot pain / Post fracture mobilization / Core muscle strengthening etc.,

* Disc prolapsed / Spondylolisthesis / Dislocation & Subluxation of joints / Torn meniscus etc.,

* Ligament strain / ligament tear etc.,

* Sciatica / Brachial neuralgia etc.,

* Infertility / Irregular menses / Painful menses / White discharge / Polycystic ovary / Cervix / Uterus etc.,

Note: Consultation by prior appointment only

Shabana Parveen BPT.,
(Consultant Physiotherapist)
All Cure Physiotherapy
Address is #73, 22nd Cross, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore-76

Kalamayi Wellness Center
#73, 22nd Cross, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage
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