Humanities Combinations.............

  1. History, Economics, Logic, and Political Science
  2. H.E. Geography, and P.S.
  3. H.E. Geography, and Sociology
  4. H.E. Geography, and Optional Kannada
  5. H.E. Sociology and P.S.
  6. H.E P.S. and Psychology
  7. H.E. P.S. and Optional Kannada
  8. H.E. Logic and Optional Kannada
  9. H.E. Sociology and Psychology
  10. H.E. Sociology and Optional Kannada
  11. H.E. Sociology and Statistics
  12. H.E. Optional Kannada and Music
  13. H.E. Optional Kannada and Psychology
  14. H. Psychology Education I and Education II
  15. Economics, Sociology, Logic and Psychology
  16. Economics, Logic, Sociology and Statistics
  17. E. Sociology, Political Science, Psychology
  18. Logic, Psychology, Education I and Education II
  19. H. Sociology, Psychology and Optional Kannada
  20. H. Education I, Education II and Optional Kannada
  21. H. Sociology, Optional Kannada and Music
  22. H. Sociology , Education I and Education II
  23. H. Economics, Logic, and Sociology
  24. H. E. Logic and Geography