• Extending escort services to all investors/entrepreneurs interested in industrial investment in Karnataka.
  • Disseminating information through the mass media by advertisements to create and accelerate the industrial tempo. Also bringing about awareness of facilities and incentives available to entrepreneurs which will help in setting up new industrial units in the State.
  • Identifying and encouraging prospective investors/ entrepreneurs and motivating them to establish industrial units in Karnataka.
  • Providing information to the public in general, and investors and entrepreneurs in particular, regarding the opportunities available in Karnataka for industry, trade, commerce and participation therein.
  • Locating and contacting prospective investors/ entrepreneurs residing within and outside the Karnataka, as well as those living abroad, and motivating them in setting up industrial units in Karnataka by organizing special campaigns, seminars etc.
  • Helping Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and promoting NRI/foreign investment as also keeping in constant tough with Government Agencies and promotional bodies.
  • Organizing, sponsoring or participating in any fair, exhibition, celebration or campaign aimed at promotion of industrial developments in the State.
  • Publishing literature in the form of papers, case studies, reports, broachers, Pam plates, periodicals, digests, journals, project profiles, magazines and circulating / distributing them to the users viz., prospective entrepreneurs/ artisans and other institutions, while at the same time, assisting other institutions engaged in such activities too.