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Healthy Weight Management by Nutircious

It is a common belief that weight loss is terribly difficult and that in order to stay healthy and maintain one's weight, a good diet and regular exercise are mandatory. However, what most people fail to realize is that no matter what they consume or do, unless it is Right Nutrition in Balanced Amounts on a daily basis, all their efforts are wasted.

Today, our lifestyle are such that most of us barely have time to eat a balanced meal, let alone exercise. Hence, we resort to the quickest fix possible. It doest matter that the fix is loaded with carbs, excessive sugar and or saturated fats. It's convenient, so we do it, or completely skip the meal itself, and the weight keeps piling on.

Food is our body's fuel, so if we miss meals, cat foods with little nutritional value or consume sugary snacks with resulting "highs and lows", our energy levels are affected, there are deficiencies in our diet (that lead to chronic illnesses, weight gain and disorders) and the body is robbed of essential nutrients, all of which are factors crucial for our well being.

Based on 32 years of success, our program has been designed to provide your body with all the balanced nutrition it needs but at a low calorific level. This ensures you lose weight by reducing your calorie intake without sacrificing important nutrients like protein, potassium and iron.

Why our weight loss program? Simply put, this plan works because it helps your tackle the FOUR common obstacles to weight loss:

1. Loss of good nutrition as a result of dieting

Most weight losses plans have been designed to cut back on calories but ignore a key element to your long term health: essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc.

Why dieting is unhealthy? This weight loss system is different because instead of starving the body, it feeds it all with all the micro / macro nutrients it requires. The reason most people become overweight is due to nutritional deficiencies (when the body correctly is'nt fed correctly, it craves more food than it actually needs, especially sugar and fat). This is why people often give up on diets or "cheats" because they cant stand the hunger pangs. It becomes too hard. This program ensures you not only lose weight, but also improve your health drastically.

2. Loss of Energy

Cereals, Oats, Dosa and Idlis for breakfast, Rice for lunch, Rice for dinner and chocolate and biscuits for snacks? If you eat high-glycemic carbohydrates (ones that turn to sugary quickly) this hinders the fat burning process and decreases energy levels. The reason is that they 'encourage' you body to look for a contant stream of 'snacks' to keep your energy up. This plan contains low glycemix index products which provide long lasting energy - that way you will feel great all day long without have to resort to snacks.

3. Low metabolism resulting in slower results

your metabolism affects the speed at which you burn calories - the higher your metabolism the more weight you will lose. This plan has been designed to help boost your metabolism by providing you regular meals and protecting to help your muscles work at their best. That is why it is so effective for people who have a low metabolism (or underactive thyroid) to lose weight and get amazing results.

4. Craving for snacks

One of the biggest "downfalls" of most diet plans is the temptation for that 'small' snack during the day. Often a snack can undo all the good from easting low calorie meals. This plan works because the combination of higher protein (preventing hunger pangs between meals), and low glycemix index (helping your energy levels so you don't need that 'sugar' rush) takes away the snacking needs.

Ultimately, when it comes to weight loss, what is necessary is a diet that is LOW in CALORIES, but HIGH in NUTRITION, and one that provides the human body with ALL the nutrition it needs on a day to day basis.

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