Kubay Restaurant

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Kubay Restaurant

Kubay is a homely restaurant serving coastal cuisine at mouth watering prices. We are located in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore. Kubay is a very well known restaurant serving Mangalore & Goan food.

Sparingly decorated and quite functional so to speak. Kubay's Konkan style food is generally appreciated. Almost all the seafood is fresh; try the mussels, Goan rechedo. oysters and curries with sannas and neer dosa.

Kubay meaning “Cockles” is a homely Coastal Cuisine Restaurant. The restaurant features cuisine mainly from the regions of Mangalore & Goa. This is a 40 seater air condition restaurant. It is centrally located in Koramangala, near the Koramangala Club.

Kubay Restaurant
# 110, 6th Block, 6th Cross, Koramangala Club Road
Bangalore 560 034
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+91 80 4110 5221
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