Taste Of Tibet Restaurant

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Taste Of Tibet Restaurant

"Ther were many hotels dishing out chinese food but none serving Tibetan Food"

In the heart of Bangalore exists a slice of Tibet. Established in 2001 situated on second floor of the bustling Dubai plaza, there is a small turning that leads towards Taste of Tibet. However, it's so well hidden that you might miss it if you blink. A homely restaurant that takes one on a trip of the 'Roof of the world'.

The thukpa or the soup noodles is a must here. Then of course comes the usual chowmein tossed in a nice spicy masala. Specialties are momos, shaptra and also phingsa, the glass noodles and thiantuk, the flat noodles. All these items are available in four categories - chicken, egg, beef and vegetables.

The service is good and the food provides value for money, serving authentic Tibetan food that ranges between Rs. 25 & Rs.65, its not a wonder why this restaurant is always packed. The place is abuzz with youngsters, a majority of them being the North East students studying in Bangalore. Taste of Tibet is open on all days from 12.00pm to 4.30pm & 6.00pm to 10.00pm.

Taste Of Tibet Restaurant
#5, Rest House Road, 2nd Floor, Off Brigade Road
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