Republic of Noodles

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Republic of Noodles

A bite of Laos street food, chunks from the Cambodian claypot, Bali's friendly neighbourhood Padang, Thailand's spicy Massaman curry quite like the one at Chatuchach market, Malaysia's Rendang and Singapore's spicy prawns - Republic of Noodles has gone travelling the world to scout, source and plate beautifully for its menu. This South East Asian Odyssey is thanks to executive Chef Yu Hing Tham's expertise, his unique and unusual menus that are different across Republic Of Noodles across the country, and of course attention to detail is fabulous!

There are some places that stand tall, regal and perfectly coiffed (if you can describe a restaurant as that). The cuisine is taken very seriously here, delivering the tastiest and choicest from the Orient. A classy ambiance with the serene Buddha watching over you, the quickest service this side of the globe (really), amiable and knowledgeable waiters, and the smoothest transition of a meal from aperitif to dessert.

The trademark of the Lemon Tree Hotels all over - the one in the city is akin to a private dining space - is a focus on the cuisine and where the emphasis is on spectacular taste.

Chef Yu Hing Tham, executive chef has given each outlet an eclectic yet authentic touch. One of the first to open in Goa, it serves the yummiest Mongolian lamb curry with steamed rice.

Spicing up a meal are the three pastes (that you'd definitely want to take home)- an onion garlicky one, a chilli and a black bean paste, Delicious.

Scrumptiously finger- licking. And as the chef explains, "They are made from scratch in our kitchens." The Phad Thai was delicious. And the Claypot - Malaysian Rendang curry with hot steaming Jasmine flavoured rice was a biteful. A spicy and refreshing flavour, the presentation and freshness is what makes this restaurant a favourite. And all this comes to the table in a jiffy, making one wonder if someone was reading your thoughts. Yes, it's that quick!

There are a few classic cocktails on the menu which could do with more taste and flavour. The desserts are interesting.

Try the Green Tea or Chocolate and Chilli Ice- cream or the Wasabi (if you are adventurous). Quite a delicious Orientation into the flavours of the cuisines.

  • Meal for two: ` RS. 1,600 (Subject to change)
  • Must have : Chicken curry with lime & potato flavours
Republic of Noodles
Lemon Tree Hotel, 2/1, St Johns Road
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