Sufi Restaurant (Persian Art & Cuisine)

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Sufi Restaurant (Persian Art & Cuisine)

The only authentic Persian Restaurant in Bangalore.

Come and experience the warm hospitality and mouth watering dishes like the Kabab-e-Bakhtiyari, the immaculate tenderloin of the Kabab-e-Ghafghazi, the succulent Joojeh kababs, the famous zereshk pulao (Berry pulao) and fragrant pulaos served amidst an exotic Persian setting. Enjoy hookah while perfecting the art of sipping Persian chai and let the traditional Persian music surround you as you indulge in a sensuous experience that is as old as time.

Sufi Restaurant (Persian Art & Cuisine)
No. 103, 5th floor, Empire Building, 5th block, Koramangala
Contact Info
+91 80 6590-1177 / 88

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