Shebestan - Authentic Arabic Restaurant

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Shebestan - Authentic Arabic Restaurant

Fall in love with the mysterious Middle East, as Shebestan takes you on a culinary journey. The fine-dining restaurant offers an authentic experience, taking visitors to the flavors, customs and traditions of Arabia.

Enter the adorned bar, and start your meal with the aromatic palate cleanser - khawa at their khawa station. Giving a homely ambiance be seated amidst their Arabic-Majlis style decor, taking you back to the durbars of traditional royalty.

The menu has been crafted keeping in mind the traditional cooking styles across 24 nations and provinces in the middle east. Arabian cuisine is known for its mild spices and healthy sea soning. Each recipe has drawn immense inspiration from the customary kitchens of the Middle East. Offering home made dishes with exotic spices like sumac, zatar, paprika, pomegranate sauce and more, this specialty restaurant is solely dedicated to native ingredients and dishes.

Shebestan is designed to host larger feasts, where the dining arrangements are ornate and are accentuated with exquisite fabric and heavy wooden furniture. Further into the expansive restaurant is the inner section that caters to private gatherings. The interiors and seating is typically like that in an Arabic home, set to accommodate an intimate meal between family and friends.

Newly opened at the Sterlings Mac Hotel, immerse your senses with the culinary splendors of Arabia at Shebestan.

Shebestan - Authentic Arabic Restaurant
Matthan Hotel #134, HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli
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