Gun Licensing

Licensing Authority:

The Commissioner of Police is the licensing authority under the following acts and rules and regulations viz:

The Arms Act, The Explosive Act, The Karnataka Police Act, The Karnataka Traffic Control Rooms, The Karnataka Traffic (Control of Public Vehicle Rules) Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Amusements (Bangalore City) Order 1989. Petroleum Act.

The applicants have to submit an application in the prescribed forms for the purpose of obtaining, renewal, transportation, sale, purchase, registration, cancellations etc of arms and ammunition at the Commssioner of Police's Office.

The Commissioner of Police is the authority for the purpose of issuing the No Objection Certificates in respect of explosives and petroleum products. The Commissioner of Police is the licensing authority for all amusement activities in Bangalore City. All permission for holding meetings, Public gathering, use of Loud speakers, Rallies, Possessions, Road shows, Entertainments etc are granted by The Commissioner of Police after due verifications on submitting an application in proper forms.

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