Hire the Buses

Casual Contract & Chartered Services Rates:

BMTC has wide range of buses on hire for all occasion like wedding, excursion, and pilgrimage or whenever the general public needs dedicate buses for their travel, BMTC is at your doorstep to serve, offering casual contract buses at very competitive prices.

Type of Buses Minimum 4 hrs Rate per hour
Pushpak/PK+&Suvarna Rs.2000/- Rs.500/-
Ordinary/P.V Rs.1840/ Rs.460/-
Mini (Ordy) Rs.1520/ Rs.380/-
Mini(A/C) Rs.2080/ Rs.520/
  Minimum 8 hrs Rate per Kilometer
Pushpak/PK+&Suvarna Rs.4000/- Rs.25/-(above 160kms)
Ordinary/P.V Rs.3680/- Rs.23/-(above 160kms)
Mini (Ordy) Rs.3040/- Rs.19/-(above 160kms)
Mini(A/C) Rs.4160/- Rs.26/(-above 160kms)
  Minimum 12 hrs Rate per Kilometer
Pushpak/PK+&Suvarna Rs.6000/- Rs.25/-(above 240kms)
Ordinary/P.V Rs.5520/- Rs.23/-(above 240kms)
Mini (Ordy) Rs.4560/- Rs.19/-(above 240kms)
Mini(A/C) Rs.6240/- Rs.26/-(above 240kms)
Vistibule Rs.11000/- Rs.40/-(above 275kms)
  Minimum 24 hrs Rate per Kilometer
Pushpak/PK+&Suvarna Rs.6900/- Rs.23/-(above 300kms)
Ordinary/P.V Rs.6050/-/ Rs.22/-(above 275kms)
Mini (Ordy) Rs.5225/- Rs.19/-(above 275kms)
Mini(A/C) Rs.7150/- Rs.26/-(above 275kms
Mini (Ordy)Mesh Rs.5925(inc 15% tax) Rs.19/-(above 275kms)
VOLVO Rs.16,500/- Rs.60/- above 275vkms
  School /Per Day Rate per Km College per Day Rate per Km
Pushpak+ Rs.6300/- Rs.21/-(above 300 kms) Rs.6600/- Rs.22/-(above 300 kms)
Ordy/PV Rs.5225/- Rs.19/-(above 275kms) Rs.5775- Rs.21/-(above 275kms)
Mini (O) Rs.4675/- Rs.17/-(above 275kms) Rs.4950/- Rs.18/-(above 275kms)
Mini AC Rs.6600/- Rs.24/-above 275kms Rs.6875/- Rs.25/-above 275kms

*OT Rs.100/- (IT Fee Rs.100/- per day + Subsequent day Rs.50/- per day)
*6900/55seats X 8 additional passengers = 1004/- for 8 passengers.

Vajra Buses (VOLVO) are also provided on Casual contract the rates are as below:

On Hourly Basis:

  • Minimum One Hour up-to 8 Hours at the rate of Rs.1950/- per hour (30 Kilometer per hour)

On Full Day ( 24hours basis)

  • Minimum 24 hours at the Rate of Rs.60/- per kilometer.
  • Minimum kilometer per day 275 Kilometer.
  • Total amount per day per bus Rs.16,500/-. OT & IT fee Rs.200/-.
Chartered Services Type of Services Rate
Schools Ordinary Rs.18.50
Pushpak Rs.21.00
Mini (Ordy) Rs.16.00
College Ordinary Rs.19.50
Pushpak Rs.21.00
Mini (Ordy) Rs.18.00
Factories (Fixed Rate) Ordinary / PK Rs.22.00
Mini (Ordy) Rs.19.00
Mini (A/c) Rs.23.50

Mobile No: 9480840210
Office : 080 22952504 / 2556 / 2422 / 2522

BMTC Website: https://www.mybmtc.karnataka.gov.in/