If you are not a beginner?

If you are not a beginner?
  • Find out your safe heart rate during exercise?

The general formula for the average person is 220-age times 60%and times 90% of Heart Rate max. For example, a 30-year old would calculate his target zone using the above formula: 220-30=190.190x.60=114 and 190x.90=171. This individual would try to keep his heart rate between 114 (low end) and 171 (high end) beats per minute.

  • Method for judging your workout intensity

The talk test is another measure of intensity. You should be able to talk without gasping for air while working at optimal intensity. If you cannot, you should scale down. On the other hand, if you can sing an aria from Madame Butterfly, then you need to work harder.

  • Know more about burning fat

You burn most when your body is in its aerobic range. A good rule of thumb is that after 20 minutes in your aerobic zone, you will be burning more fat .you will be burning fat after only twelve minutes of aerobic exercise. If you an increase your aerobic activity to 30 minutes or longer, you will be burning a larger percentage of calories from fat.

  • How high should your step be?

Step height depends on several things - fitness level, current stepping skill, and the degree of knee flexion when the knee is fully loaded while stepping up. At no time should the knee joint of the first leg to step up flex beyond a 90% angle. Reconditioned individuals or beginners should begin on a 4" platform. As you improve, you may add risers to increase the step height making sure not to exceed the 90 degrees of knee flexion. The most popular step heights are 6" and 8".