First Aid - Fainting

First Aid - Fainting

Unconsciousness or insensibility is due to interruption of the action of the brain due to certain causes it is an important indication, not only of disease or injury to the brain but also of many serious injuries or diseases of other parts of the body.

Before losing consciousness, the victim may complain of...

  1. Lightheadedness.
  2. Weakness.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Skin may be pale and clamm

If a person begins to feel faint, he should...

  1. Lean forward.
  2. Lower head toward knees.

As the head is lowered below the heart, blood will flow to the brain.

What to do if someone becomes unconscious:

The recovery position.

  1. Keep the victim lying down with head lowered and legs elevated.
  2. Loosen any tight clothing.
  3. Apply cool, damp cloths to face and neck.