Agro Food Processing Industries Policy: Infrastructure

To remove the impediments and to accelerate growth by attracting investments, the state government has proposed to undertake following steps:

  • Any Agro & Food Processing Industry as defined in the policy will be permitted to utilize up to a maximum of 25% of the lands purchased by it for growing any agriculture or horticulture based raw materials required for captive consumption. This relaxation is application only in respect of first 20 units of land purchased by the industrial unit.
  • District level single window agencies headed by the deputy commissioner can recommend purchase of agricultural lands up to 20 units for tiny and SSI Industries. This will be considered by the government in the Revenue department and permission to purchase agricultural lands will be granted within a month from the date of receipt of recommendation from the deputy commissioner.
  • The state level single window agency headed by the principal secretary to government, commerce and industries department can recommend purchase of agricultural lands beyond 20 units required by medium and large scale industries and also cases of small scale industries requiring more than 20 units of land. This will in turn be considered by the government in the revenue department and also the high level committee headed by the chief secretary and permission for purchase of the identifies land will be granted by the revenue department within a 3 months from the date of receipt of recommendation.
  • To encourage contract farming which is beneficial both for the farmers and the industrialists, the government farms under the control of various departments such as horticulture, agriculture and sericulture etc., will also be considered to be leased to industries for such cultivation.