TGR Dia Rice by First Choice Foods

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TGR Dia Rice by First Choice Foods

Rice is the staple diet of the world population. Also consumed widely in India, rice is perceived not to be medically conductive for people suffering from hyperglycemia – commonly known as diabetes. The presence of carbohydrates in rice is considered as a serious contributor in elevating blood sugar levels in the human body.

We at First Choice have developed a product – TGR Dia Rice with low glycemic index that is helpful for managing hyperglycemia. Our rice, a result of intense and sustained scientific research spread over many years conforms to international standards of quality and serves as a vital daily diet for adults and children alike.

This product is available in Bangalore at Total Mall, Heritage Foods, Nilgiris, Big Bazaar, MK Ahmed Stores and all other major retails stores.

Please note TGR Dia Rice does not cure or replace any medical treatment for diabetes.

First Choice Foods
27/B, Industrial Suburb, Mysore South
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