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Ginger Tiger

If you think eating at one Chinese restaurant means you have experience them all, then do make an exception for Ginger Tiger. The brand is under the JSM corp group, which has the city smitten over their iconic restaurants from the luxe shiros at UB City, Hard Rock Cafe, Trader Vics, Mai Tai to the Street food hub Plus91 and the international frozen yogurt parlour - Pinkberry. Curious about the name, general manager Nikhil Menon and Area Kitchen Manager of South India and Chef Priyank Singh Chouhan told us the story behind the restaurant's title takes two patriotic symbols of China and India, namely the scented wild Chinese ginger and the majestic India tiger, and there you have it - Ginger Tiger.

The restaurant is a petite space, with an option of alfresco seating. A cosy decor of round tables, set around an open kitchen, the ambiance gives it a street food feel with the hustle and bustle of the chefs at work, and scents wafting over to the hubbub of eager feasters. In tones of amber and ochre, the colour theme continues from the saffron lamps, to the rows and columns of ash black vases creating a monumental display. The place mat is spunky illustration of manga art, guiding you on how to order your food - but in a visitos' eyes it is a souvenir worth taking!

The menu is simple and spares you of pretentious oriental tongue twisters and gets straight to the point; as cheerfully priced as it is. The hot and sour soup was a silky broth of pepper, chicken, tofu and shitake mushrooms which has us scrapping the bowls for the last drop. From a selection of Chinese buns you can choose mushroom, chicken or port, which offers relief with its sweetened bread and savoury stuffing.

A fun addition is the unlimited stir fry bowl which comes with a tiny leaflet that lets you create your own from scratch. It's essentially a manual for dummies with a basic step by step checklist of yummy sauces which can be paired with any form of protein, sauce, starch (rice or noodles) and veggie goodness. Getting a nod of approval from Chef Priyank, we feasted on a delicious stir fry bowl of Thai basil rice, with ginger sauce, chicken and greens. The portions are filling, and would probably stuff you in the first serving. If you still have space for desert, Ginger Tiger's popular pick is the chocolate spring rolls, stuffed with oozing dark chocolate.

The flavours and ingredients used in Ginger Tiger's menu certainly favour a cosmopolitan crowd, who can enjoy a wholesome bite, without worrying about their wallet. Located on 100ft road Indiranagar, it adds to the culinary versatility where the collection of eateries varies from fine dining to fast food and everything in-between. Attracting the yuppie crowd and the corporates who crave an informal meeting space, Ginger Tiger nestles comfortably in a niche where good food has a price to match, and more importantly people who appreciate it.

Ginger Tiger
#775, 100 feet road, Hal 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
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