1. Let the patient rest the injured part in the most comfortableposition, slightly raised if possible.
  2. Cover the affected area with a cold compress for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Then remove the compress and cover it with a thick pad.
  4. The strain or sprain needs rest and support in the form of firm bandage. Start well below the damaged joint and firmly warp a
  5. bandage around it, leaving strips of padding visible. An elastic bandage is best, but it should not be tight as it may damage the
  6. underlying nerves and blood vessels. If any part of the limb becomes cold, numb or puffy, after application of bandage, it means it is tight.
  7. If pain is severe, but there is clearly no other injury, the patient can take paracetamol. If the pain seams too serves and in all doubtful cases, Rush him to the nearest hospital.