Private visits

Is a resident eligible for foreign exchange for private visits abroad?
Yes, under the Basic Travel Quota Scheme.

What is Basic Travel Quota Scheme (BTQ)?
Under the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) scheme, resident Indian citizens are permitted to purchase foreign exchange up to U.S. $ 5000/- its equivalent for undertaking in a calendar year one or more private visits to any country abroad (except Nepal and Bhutan). The foreign exchange can be purchased directly from any branch of an authorized dealer or from a full-fledged money-changer(FFMC).

Who are eligible for drawal of exchange under the scheme?
All resident Indian citizens are entitled to draw full BTQ of U.S. $ 5000/- per year.

Can a person holding a student visa and proceeding abroad for studies get exchange under BTQ?

Can travel under BTQ be combined with visits for other purposes also?
Yes, travel under BTQ can be combined with visits for business, conference, seminar, training, study tour, Haj pilgrimage and employment. Persons emigrating from India and drawing foreign exchange for that purpose cannot, however, draw additional exchange under BTQ.

Can a traveler avail of BTQ on outbound (one way) ticket also?

Is BTQ facility available for more than one visit?
Yes, a person can avail of BTQ for more than one visit abroad, provided the total foreign exchange drawn in a calendar year does not exceed U. S. $ 5000/- or its equivalent.

Can the unspent balance surrendered to an authorized dealer be drawn again while undertaking a second visit in the same year?