How do I apply for re-totaling?

Application For Retotaling.

1. Name of the candidate (Capital Letters) :
2. No. of the Examination center :
3. Name of the Examination center :
4. Examination registration number :

  1. Subject for which the candidate wants retotalling

Date of the examination held

Marks obtained

Medium of answer

  1. Fee paid Amount :__________Rs in words________________________

  2. Bank DD No. Date
    Name of the bank :

  3. Complete residential address :

It is certified that the facts given above are true and factual.

Signature of the candidate/Parent


  1. Fees fixed for retotaling of marks:
                 a) For one subject: Rs. 25/-
                 b) For two subjects: Rs. 45/-

                 c) For more than two subjects: Rs.105/-(Rs.% towards the application form
                     is included)

  2. Fees should be paid in the form of DDs. DDs should be drawn in favor of "Director (Examinations) Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Bangalore. Every candidate should enclose a self-addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope so as to know the result of revaluation .The candidate should write his name and registration No. behind the DD without fail.

  3. The applications for retotalling should reach the Board within 15 days of the results of SSLC are announced.

  4. The results of the retotalling will be sent to the concerned candidates as and when the retotalling is done and to those who have sent the self addressed, stamped envelopes.

  5. Failed candidates should not wait for the result of revaluation and should pay the fee and apply for the examinations. If the marks have changed, and from that the result is changed, only then the fees paid for the next examination will be refunded. If the candidate does not apply for the examination for the sole reason that the result of the retotalling has not yet come, he will be doing this on his own responsibility.

  6. Candidates should write the subject, medium, and other details in the application form in full.

  7. Applications should be sent to the board through the school only. The head of the school should see the application of the candidates and should compare the registration number and the marks of the candidates with the result sheet and then attest it and send. If the applications are sent without the attestation from the head of the school, those applications will be rejected and the fees paid for those retotalling applications will be forfeited from the board.       


After verifying the result sheet and tallying it with the application, it is certified that the information is true.  


Signature of the Head Master/ Principal
Seal of the school