How do I get a photocopy of my answer scripts?

Application for the Photocopy
1. Name of the candidate and Complete residential address : Pincode:
2. Examination registration number
Year of examination and month
Year month
3. Name and address of the    High school/Composite    junior college where the    candidate has studied :             
4. No. of the Examination center :
    Code No. of the School :
5. Subject for which the candidate wants photocopy              
Subject Subject Code Medium
Mathematics 81  
6. Fee paid Amount
Rs.__________________in words___________________________  
Bank DD No.__________Date______________Name of the bank________________

It is certified that the facts given above are true and factual.  
Signature of the candidate/Parent

  1. Photocopy applies to the Mathematics subject only.
  2. Filled forms for Photocopy with the signatures of the Candidate/parent can be submitted in person or through the Registered post to the following Address:

    Director (Examinations) Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board,
    6th Cross, Malleshwaram,
    Bangalore – 560003

  3. "Application for Photocopy of Mathematics paper"-this sentence should be written in block letters on the Envelope of applications.
  4. The applications should reach the Board within 15 days of the results of SSLC are announced.
  5. Every application should be enclosed with a demand draft of Rs.150/-. The DD should be drawn in favour of "Director, Director (Examinations) Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Bangalore"
  6. The candidate should write his name and registration No. behind the DD without fail.
  7. Incomplete applications and applications which are received after the due date will be rejected without citing any reason.
  8. Failed candidates should not wait for the result of revaluation and should pay the fee and apply for the examinations. If the candidate does not apply for the examination for the sole reason that the result of the revaluation has not yet come, he will be doing this on his own responsibility.
  9. After the results are announced the candidate can apply for photocopies without waiting for the marks card. The candidates can know of their marks obtained through their head of the school
  10. Students who have done malpractices and whose results are withheld are not eligible for applying for revaluation.
  11. Photocopies will be sent to the candidates to their address either through registered post or by speed post.
  12. Every candidate will be given one photocopy only.

   Director (Examinations) (KSEEB)