How can I take up supplementary exams?

Notification Subject:

Submitting application for the supplementary examination of the SSLC 2000 The Examination board has set the following dates for submitting the applications for the SSLC supplementary Examinations. For this examination, the candidates who have appeared as private students and those students who have failed in the examinations of 2000 or earlier can appear. These candidates should apply in the prescribed forms to the recognized High Schools and Junior colleges.

  1. Without fee (first batch): Date:
  2. With Fine of Rs. 20-00 (second batch): Date: Instructions: If the dates are announced as Government holidays, then the next official day will be considered as the last date.
  3. Fee details (for those who have no exemption)
    • For one subject: Rs. 40-00
      For two subjects: Rs.60-00
      For three or more subjects: Rs.100-00 (inclusive of application form)
    • Except those who have fee exemption, all other students should pay the application fee of Rs. 5-00. In the application form, in the column "FEES" the examination fee, application form fee, and fine if any, all should be added and the total should be entered. There is exemption for the SC, ST and the BC students in the examinations; result and application form, but there is no exemption for the fine. And Rs.5-00 should be collected from all these SC, ST and BC students towards the service charges and should be sent to the board.
  4. The list of the examination centers will be sent separately
  5. The date for receiving DDs for the first batch (without fine) applications:
  6. The date for receiving the DDs for the second batch (with fine of Rs. 20-00) Instructions: Bank DDs should be drawn in favour of "Director (Examinations) Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Bangalore". DDs should be drawn within the last date.
  7. The date on which the first installment of applications to reach the board:
  8. The date on which the first installment of applications to reach the board: The examination applications should be submitted in the following form:
    • A.School students: Those who are taking up the examination for the first time. If they have the required attendance in the SSLC classes, and are unable to attend the examinations because of some other reasons, then the school head should sign the attendance reference and send the message that the student belongs to that particular school. "F" form
    • B. Registered students: first time Those who take up all subjects - "P" form
    • C. Failed candidates (after 1985 April) "Application given by the board along with the marks card"
    • D. Candidates earlier than 1995 April exams: "R" form

According to the Government Order failed candidates should forward the examination application through the School heads where they have appeared for the examination. About the change of the examination center they should follow the instructions given earlier.

No Change For October Examination Center
The heads of the schools should examine that the candidates have ticked before the columns of the Code and Medium in the application with marks card except the exempted subjects, and only then sign on it. (To know the subject code one can refer to the old timetable.) Those who apply in the: "R" form should furnish the details about the examinations appeared in the previous period (Year, month, registered number etc.,) in the enclosures.