As an out-of-State student, how do I get a transfer to take up the SSLC exam?


Examination –

A Public Examination shall be conducted at the end of the Higher Secondary X Standard every year, according to the prescribed syllabus and courses of study and shall be called "THE MYSORE SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION". The regular Examination shall be conducted generally in March / April and the Supplementary Examination shall be conducted generally in September / October every year.

Centres of Examination -

The Examination shall be held at such Centres as the Board may fix from time to time and on such dates as the Secretary of the Board may determine.

Dates of the Examination –

The Main Examination shall be ordinarily commence in the third week of March and the Supplementary Examination in the third week of September or on such dates as the Secretary of the Board may determine from time to time.

Subjects to be offered for the Examination-

The Examination shall be conducted in the subjects given under "SUBJECT FOR STUDY".

  • Candidates sending applications for the Examination for the first time should send their applications for the Examination in all the subjects in the four parts of the Examination Scheme.
  • Failed candidates shall be eligible to appear for the Examination in the respective part/s in which they have failed.


The School year shall be divided into two terms. The first term shall extend from the date of reopening of the school after the Summer Vacation to the commencement of the Dasara Holidays and the second term from the date of reopening of the school after Dasara Holidays up to end of February of the following year.

Charge of an annual fee to schools –

Every school-presenting candidates for the examination shall pay to the Board of Examination Rs.1000 as a gd per year whether the institution belongs to Government, Aided or Board of Management for supply of printed literature to the Schools. This fee may be met out of the Contingent Fund of the Schools and remitted into a Government Treasury or Reserve Bank of India on or before 1st August each year and she challan sent.

School candidates

Candidates who have completed the courses of study of VIII, IX and X Standards in one or more High / Higher Secondary / Multi-purpose schools and satisfying the conditions of Attendance, Satisfactory Progress and Good conduct duly certified by the Head of the Institution, shall be eligible for admission to the examination.
Note – The Director of the Board may permit such of the candidates, as discontinue their studies at the end of the second term for bonafide reason, either after obtaining transfer certificates or otherwise, to take the examination as school candidates subject to the condition that they satisfy other rules governing the school candidates.

All private candidates should get themselves enrolled for admission to the Karnataka S.S.L.C. Public Examination after payment of Rs.180/- per candidate with an application in the proforma prescribed by the Department. The Enrolment Certificate shall be enclosed to the application to be sent up for the examination in support of the private candidate.

  • Private candidate should register their name in a Government / Recognised High / Higher Secondary School having X-Standard, by paying a Registration Fee of each, to defray the administrative expenditure of the School.
  • Ex-School and Failed candidates should pay only towards the Registration Fee. All private candidates and regular candidates including Ex-School offering a centre, other than the centre to which his / her school is attached and ex-school candidates sending their applications from a school other than the school in which he / she originally studied should attach three copies of his / her latest photograph of passport size o the application for admission to the Examination.

Note: - Enrollment fee should be credited into the Treasury / Reserve Bank on or before 30th September preceding the Examination to be held in March – April, and 30th April preceding the Examination to be held in September and – or 30th April are Treasury/Reserve Bank Holidays, the Fee should be credited on or before the working days immediately preceedinding 30th September/October. In case 30th September and – or 30th April respectively. The Budget Head to which the Fees is to be credited is "XXII Education F.J. Miscellaneous Examination Fees".

Procedure for sending up the Application for Enrollment -

  • The prescribed Enrollment application can be obtained by the private candidates, who come within the purview of Regulations 30 and 40, from the Heads of all full-fledged High / Higher Secondary / Multipurpose School having X-Standard and Recognised by the Department.
  • The form duly filled in should be sent through a recognized High / Higher Secondary/ Multipurpose School having X-Standard, so as to reach Secretary, Secondary Education Board, "Victory Hall", Cubbon Park, Bangalore–1, within the date prescribed for the purpose.
  • The application should be accompanied by a Challan for having credited the Enrolment Fee of Rs. 20.00 to the Head "XXII Education F. J. Miscellaneous – 2 – Examination Fees".
  • In support of the age and date of birth, the candidates who attended a recognised school previously, should attach the Transfer Certificate obtained from the Recognised / Government School attended by him / her (True copies will not have accepted).

In the case of candidates who had no schooling at all one of the following documents as mentioned in the Regulation 43 – (2) should be attached: -
NOTE: - Candidates producing Transfer Certificates issued by a School situated outside the Mysore State, are required to get the Transfer Certificate countersigned by an Inspecting Officer (of the Education Department of the locality in which the school is situated), who is competent to do so. Enrolment Certificate will be sent to the concerned school through which the applications were submitted and the candidates have to collect the same from the schools.
No direct correspondence from the candidates in this behalf will be entertained.

Non-admission to the Examination - No candidate who has been expelled and is still under rustication shall be admitted to the Examination.


Application in the prescribed form for admission to the Public Examination should be sent to the Secretary, Secondary Education Board through the Heads of Institutions in which they last studied in the case of school candidates on or before the date fixed together with the challan or challans for having remitted the examination fees prescribed.

In the case of private candidates, applications should be sent through the Head of a Recognised High School situated near his / her residence within the Town or Taluk. Private candidates who are Teachers should route their application through their Inspection Officers and through a recognised high school.

NOTE: - An Ex-School candidate need not necessarily send the application for admission to the examination through the same school in which he/she originally studied. Such candidates who send their applications through the schools other than they studied previously, should attach three copies of his/her latest photograph of the pass-port size to the application from for admission to the Examination.

Reservation of the Examination Fee

The Examination fee paid by the candidates who fail to attend the examination on grounds of illness may be reserved for the very next examination only, provided the application for such reservation reaches the Secretary Secondary, Secondary Education Board, Bangalore, or the Chief Superintendent of the Examination Centre where the candidate was to be examined at least a day before the date of commencement of the examination accompanied by a Medical Certificate in support of the illness issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner. The Chief Superintendent if he receives the application shall submit the same to the Secretary of the Secondary Education Board by name by Registered Post so as to reach him within three days from the date of commencement of the examination. If there is delay ion the part of the Chief Superintendent of the Centre, the fees be reserved for the next examination and the fee amount be recovered from the Chief Superintendent concerned.

Refund of Examination Fees -

  • The Examination fee may be refunded in the following cases with a cut of 25 per cent.
    • Persons who will have remitted the amount and sent up the applications without knowing their eligibility to appear for the examination should apply for refund of examination fees within one month from the last date prescribed for the receipt of applications in the Office of the Secondary Education Examination Board.
    • Candidates after having remitted the amount and sent up the applications, wish to withdraw their applications for valid reasons within one month from the last date prescribed for the receipt of applications in the Office of the Secondary Education Examination Board.
    • Candidates sent up by the Heads of the Institutions who are found to be deficient in Attendance and their Admission Tickets are withheld for want of Attendance, provided they apply for refund within one month from the date of commencement of the Examination.
  • The Examination and other fees may be refunded in the following cases with a cut of 50 per cent provided the application is made within one month from the date of remittance.
    • Excess or double remittance of Examination and other fees.
    • Remittance made to Boards Fund by mistake.
    • Remittances made by ineligible candidates.
    • Remittances made after the expiry of the prescribed dates.

In the case of candidates who die before the commencement of the examination, the entire fee shall be refunded provided an application of refund is made within three months from the date of conclusions of the examination. The refund will be made to the Parents or Guardians of the School candidates through the Head of the Institution through which they appeared. In the case of private candidates, the refund will be made to the parents or Guardians mentioned in the applications or legal heirs in the case of Teacher Candidates.