Blood Cholesterol Level Chart

  Desirable Borderline (high) High Risk
Total Cholesterol < 200 200-240 > 240
Low Density Cholesterol < 130 130-160 > 240
High Density Cholesterol > 50 50-35 < 35
Triglycerides < 150 150-500 > 500


Cholesterol and Triglycerides together constitutes Blood lipids or fats

High density cholesterols (HDL) are considered good cholesterol and reduces harmful low density cholesterol from the blood and tissues and delivers it to the liver where it is processed for excretion.

Low density cholesterols (LDL) promote deposits in the arteries gradually leading to narrowing and hardening which blocks the passage of blood. This condition is termed as "atherosclerosis" which leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

sedentary life style decreases energy spending by the body and contribute to over weight and rise in blood lipids. Exercise increases good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.