Indian Hemp Poisoning

Indian hemp is easily procured in Indian bazaars in the form of Bhang - which is the powdered leaves and small stalks - the dried flowering tops which are smoked in a pipe and Charas - which is the resinous juice expressed from leaves and branches. This is often mixed with alcoholic drinks or with sugar in sweets.

The effects are those of a brain stimulant followed by narcosis. In the stage of stimulation mental excitement is produced with hallucinations said to be pleasant - laughing, singing and wild delirium are common results, while in some cases, there are violent homicidal tendencies. The drug is sometimes taken by assasins to induce courage, or administered to them for the same purpose.


The pupils are dilated, the pulse full and slow, and there is general tingling of the skin. Giddiness gives place to stupor, coma and death.


The same as for Datura poisoning.